Get shit done.

Good shit. Bad shit.
Things you didn’t know you could do shit.

I pride myself in the different ways that I can help you achieve those goals.

Creative solutionist + Collaborative thinker

Ask me something I'm most proud of, its the ability to move forward.  It's the ability to not be paralyzed by the 'what now?' While I love working alone in my home office -- I can be caught coworking among friends at the Reno Collective, collaborating over beers, and brats at my favorite Reno hang, Under the Rose-Midtown, or posted up at Hub Coffee Roasters, americano in hand. 

"Don't complain about the problem unless you're actively working it to make it better." 

The words of my mother ring true to this day. I was raised in a no-nonsense household, step up to the plate and make things sort of thing.  So whatddya say? let's make things happen. Whatever that thing may be.