Past Work


The biggest reward to me on a job is seeing it blossom out on the world on it’s own. It’s very much my “proud mom” moment. From Project/Product Management, Analytics, and Strategy — I find my value in making things run smoothly and tracking the results that come in. I have worked with clients to set not only timelines + expectations, but also determine KPI’s at the beginning of a project and track them through launch. This data then becomes my resource for helping establish what’s next + how to move forward towards growth.


The Generator
Strategy + Content curation + Project Management

With a strong history of nonprofits and arts, I couldn’t but help fall in love with getting my hands dirty with the content from The Generator. Working alongside a team, we crafted and created a new membership drive landing page dedicated to increasing memberships of The Generator through explaining what their purpose is.
// design + development by Laxalt & McIver, 2018


Web Analytics + Strategy + Project Management

One of my first projects with the Laxalt & McIver team was the Coffeebar website. Growing to over 6 different locations from Reno, Nevada to the Bay Area / Menlo Park. Throughout this project, I worked as part of a team to develop the web strategy, KPI’s, complete keyword research, follow Shopify’s best practices as far as content management + ecommerce. I also served as the project manager for the development + launch of the site.

// design + development by Laxalt & McIver, 2017
// 2017 Shopify Award Winner - Best Storytelling through UX award winner.


Laxalt & McIver /
Web Content Creation | Copywriting | Curation

Worked as part of an internal team to help build and curate the Laxalt & McIver website. Wrote + suggested case studies and provided keyword recommendation. Ran analytics on the site and helped to establish and monitor KPI’s to provide constant iteration towards growth.

// design + development by Laxalt & McIver, 2018
// 2017 Reno Addy Award Winner - Best Self Promotion, Best in Show


Laxalt & Mciver / Growth Hacking

Worked as part of a team to establish KPI’s and develop continuous monitoring of those KPI’s. Established methodology to ensure followers were not lost due to rapid iteration. Monitored user habits and following on a variety of platforms — from web to social media.

// Laxalt & McIver, 2018



Worked as part of a team to develop content strategy as well as analytics. Also served as a consultant to FDM Media in terms of growth, project management, and business operations. Helped organically grow the Instagram account to over 8K followers in a 6 month time period with consistent engagement.

// FDM Media, 2017