Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset.
- Joss Whedon

Undeniably nerdy.

Untamable imagination.

Meet Erin.

The best of both worlds.

As the daughter of an accountant and an engineer – I’ve been logical since day one.  I grew up in a household of numbers, formulas, and a love of excel spreadsheets.  I have dreamed in code and can tell you more about analytics as well as any geek – if not better.

Like any child, I had to rebel.

My heart drove me to the world of liberal arts and creativity.  I graduated college (with honors) with a degree in Journalism – Strategic Communications, minor in Studio Art and Sociology. I fell in love with the processes of printmaking, became a published writer, won short film competitions, worked as an art director, and fell in love with the art of communication. 

Communication wouldn't be possible without my first love.

And for me, that’s numbers.

That’s the logic that goes behind an integrated marketing plan.  That’s the killer strategy in any [good] social media campaign.   That’s the science behind a well-crafted interactive graphic.  That’s the analytics that tells you just exactly what in the creative is working.

That’s what happens when logic meets creativity. 

I’m on a mission to combine my undeniably nerdy logical side, with my untamable imagination that comes with the creative side.

Beam me up, Scotty – this creative nerd is looking to expand her horizons.